Euler and Gauss would have known

These Stanford lectures are interesting and entertaining as well. Ranks right up there with "Game Theory" at Yale.

I am getting the hang of this WebM stuff and HTML5, which is fantastic. Besides WebGL, there are many advantages.
 I did notice that while running a shell script:

find . -type f -amin -50 | xargs "file" | grep WebM

That just means that I want to find (things that changed in the last 50 minutes)( -amin -50), (which are files)(-type f) then I want to (run "file" with that argument)(xargs "file") [ which identifies the file type ] and then (select from those results)(grep) , things that have "WebM" in them.

I am running this on mozilla cache to avoid losing and reloading lessons that I didn't finish watching on YouTube. I doubt it works for flashy stuff that is restricted, but I don't care. I am just interested in stuff that is intended to be shared.

It can then be played with vlc , which is really a nice program that is "featureful".

Oh yeah, the title, they would have known the secret which I now know about e and i and π and t. It is those quirky little weak spots between dimensions of the n-space of reason that let δ light shine through some times. Understanding doesn't come when you tell somebody to be enlightened and often it is a process that has no forced mode, in other words, it does not come from shared information, but from application.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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