New lands and new ways essay

It would seem that an extrapolation of history would be at least somewhat valid if the principles remain primarily intact. The fact that a moon is bound in orbit does not change the laws of gravity and in that same way, the mechanisms of state and nations do not change the nature of the beast they rule and the beast they are . The same motives exist to be free of unwanted influence that is contrary to personal intent. This would include religious conviction, criminals, outcasts, and almost anybody with a bit of independent thought.

The invasion of the Americas would be a template to compare to space exploration. I am sure that before a real transport like a wooden sailing ship was available somebody could have suggested a 3,000 mile long rope with a million slaves to pull a sled across Antarctica or the Atlantic through shark infested waters, or some other foolishness. This is the state of space travel, it is a contrived and unworkable contraption based on weak science and lack of imagination.

Extending to the stars requires something more realistic than a glorified bottle rocket and a tin can. The culture or agent that provides that and can control that technology will rule the known universe, barring some intersect with another more dangerous agent. In either case, the world as we know it is like a grain of sand in a sand storm. It was more recently the English Navy that took the world and then collapsed upon itself.

Every system is prone to corruption and despotism as it evolves. Space would be no different and in its origins it would be true to its necessary structure, but like any system, would become top heavy and corrupt. Moralism is at the heart of it. It is very much like a set of all sets which includes itself. An impossibility and irrational set that will ultimately become what it pretends to inhibit. I do remember the moral outrage driven by people offended by the godless people who would play poker for money and not match sticks when I was a child ( 60 years ago ) and how the state chained and imprisoned these evil creatures who were more despicable than manure. How they needed the first tax that was merely temporary for 1 year at 0.5 % to guarantee this evil would be eradicated forever. Of course taxes never end and now they are 7% 8% 12% and beyond some places. On top of that, the state runs a gambling consortium monopoly with enforcers. The evil defined becomes the action of the state. It might seem impossible that a moral third rail would become a property of the state, but it always does. Certainly slowly, but inevitably. If you see what is considered sacred or evil to be eradicated immediately at all cost and consider that eventually all things sacred and evil will be the property of sovereign state to dispense at will, it sends chills down my spine.
The difference with space is that it would allow some semblance of freedom and independence for a billion years before it collapsed to the individualized stagnation that is concentrated rule by force. The warnings are always ignored and it is inevitable that it will progress in this way as it is no less real than gravity. I don't say it is evil or good or even absolutely inevitable, but it is the product of the Markov process as well as it can be modeled from the existing data set of history and science.

It is "psycho-history" as popularized by Isaac Asimov's Foundation.

In the grand scheme of things it plays itself out again and again and those involved never see it coming from within. It is a pressure that eats the weak mind. There are so many places in the infinite probability space and for me it is a node and not a consequence, perhaps because of age and perhaps perspective. Sometimes the reflection in the eyes of the princess of the wholly dark shows the shadows of the werecats of high space and if I were to fear, they would be my worry, but then perhaps they are already here in their dark matter form. I share the awful obsession of Archimedes and no Roman sword would change my interests except that my heart stop beating.

I only state the obvious and it has been said many times before. It is understood and predicted, but like a hunger that never dies, it rises to meet and engulf any obstacle. The stage is populated with different props, but the theme music still rises and falls to the beat of the jungle drums.

Oh, Lucretia Borgia, they swore there would be no reruns of your series, but like Red Jack you just take a new costume and play upon a different stage. Howl , Shakespeare, for the moon.

Surfraw and the elvi, wayback, wget, w3m, and beautiful soup.  Sounds like a holiday feast, the elvi bring some beautiful soup. It is all a pageant and I enjoy the show but when the plot is so predictable it is boring.

Oh dear, the complexity does some very odd things and I could never say for certain that some ergodic matrix will even follow its own rules . Call it what you will, it will act as it exists. Shades of the Andromeda Strain failure , a spec of dust between epitaxial layers.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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