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I always wonder how an idea is originated, not how it is implemented. It is easier to follow the steps and do something by rote than to really understand why it originates. Of course this is what is taught, the rote. It is much like the first derivative of Einstein or Newton and it asks why they arrived at their conclusions.  It has always bugged me how Newton or Einstein could be so certain about some things and so wrong about others. I think I finally understand. It happens to me too. I can happen on bad information or be spoon fed that information by incompetent teachers, purposeful misdirection, and just plain sloppiness.
It is a more difficult task to understand the Physics and then understand the methods that were employed to reveal the relationships. The first is a monumental undertaking that can consume an entire lifetime, even with a big head start from the shoulder's of giants. It does reveal something that even they may not have understood. Sometimes, magicians don't know why their tricks work, they just know they do. Ask Penn and Teller.  It is common to maintain some secrecy in the full understanding of things that create great power, in order to isolate that power for personal benefit.
Many tools are now available that did not exist in the past. The computer has changed everything. I suppose I could spend 10 minutes and plot sin(θ) or I could just pop into gnuplot and "plot sin(x)".

Not only can I do that in seconds, I have a portable format that shares it with the world. When you combine that with the ability to apply all the sciences like programming, AI, mechanical design, chemistry, genetics and  mathematics to one single monolithic goal, it produces something else that has never
existed. I can hardly imagine the fact that Newton probably worked by candle light, using a bird's feather, no phone, no email, no Wikipedia, and no computer while living in the midst of a plague that killed half the world's population. What would happen if I took  ∫∫∫∫ New(t)on * Euler + Archimedes δt and bound that in Markov Chains?

Oh the mud!, once thrown, she geets [sic] on everything. Well at least the space age apes are slinging mud in electron storms instead of poop, but then how far has mud advanced from poop itself and how much dimmer are the beta gorillas?

I thought of a joke after seeing another article that IQ tests are a crock of monkey ammo ( which I already knew ), but I tested in the 4th standard deviation above the mean, which implies I am just smart enough to NOT join Mensa :) and also know it is a bull s2t tin award.

I went through all 240 tutorials from UOIT and I did get some benefit, but all in all it was not as informative as Khan Academy, but practice makes prefect.

I have been playing with debian: "whyteboard" and it is a simple interface that can be learned in a few minutes that allows sharing things like a blackboard lesson++ I will incorporate that as a new tool to demonstrate ideas.
Q: How many mathematicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 0.999999....
 This is probably a better joke than mine, that I happened upon in Wikipedia. This gets into those pesky infinities again and I am not up infinity yet today so I wouldn't touch that with a 9.99... foot pole.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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