Leap frogs

Gravity ghost men in the moon cheese pareidolia.

I have been doing more console activity lately because the web irritates me. I missed stupid lessons all this week and I have lost my stupid pills and don't know where to look for them. I must have done something stew stwo stoo stupid with them.
Gravity probes of the moon.
Some people , ( about 1,000 IIRC ) have signed up for a 2020 suicide mission to Mars and besides being very Kavorky, they are being silly. I am reminded of how new lands were discovered on Earth and it always comes with a big human price, which was nonsensical  IMHO. Helicopters and planes were invented later and they could have just taken a helicopter. My point is that jumping off a cliff on the hopes that you will see something interesting on the way down is not the way I would do it.

I have been using w3m browser and that is a neat interface. I really hate looking at jumpy flash animations, bouncing gifs, and other pointless visual graffiti  that decorates information. Gravity information is available as data if you know where to look. I also hate zeitgeist!

The second image is cacaview ( terminal image viewer ) which is a laugh in itself.

It is possible that technology can be made that avoids the human and energy cost associated with exploration of the universe and I have said in the past that gravity control as well as inertial canceling would be a must , as well as canceling the effects of hard radiation. These are all doable and I think about the 1700's and what is different between then and now? Was there something that kept them from building a radio or network or vacuum tube? No. They had copper and glass. They just didn't combine it to make the devices ( or even 10,000 years ago?). So, what is missing? The answer is nothing. Why did they not think that many things are possible and do them. Much is said of the great genius of DaVinci, but I don't recall he ever made a functioning device. Steam, kettle, jet, etc. It could have been done then, but it wasn't.
So what takes what is and makes the device that is needed? For one you must recognize that it has a use and then construct a path to realization.
I have been experimenting with atomic assembly, genetics, as well as 3D printing and many other things. There are many ways between here and there. It is just a matter of finding the road. I was investigating Haar like stuff, as well as  seam carving and fluid re-synthesis, and to me,  things never stay where they are applied normally and always get mutated by other techniques.  Is there a seam splitting algorithm that applies to acquiring new knowledge and methods?
You could wait for the railroad to be constructed to California or you could design systems that made it easy and safe to go there. I am definitely not following the common opinion that there are impossibly expensive sea monsters to overcome in the space between stars and it is only a harsh trip if you take the Santa Maria instead of the "Allure of The Seas" cruise to the Caribbeans.
Many strange things are on "The Way to Infinity" and I like to take the least energy seam carved path instead of the one that slithers through the heart of chaos.  Chaos irritates me more than flash animations or video.
I discovered a new technology recently that came by way of a strange intersect of activity. I happened to be trying to solve an intractable and time expensive algorithm and happened to ( literally) trip over the answer in hardware form. It confirms my opinion that things may seem fantastic compared to 100 years ago, but they are just trinkets compared to what I already know can be done now.
It seems that I write they way I think and sentences get mutated before they are even completed. Looks strange when corrected and sadly it mutates again in the corrections :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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