Eigenzombies want faces not brains

I have been using OpenCV and there is a new library called libfacerec that is available in OpenCV 2.4.2 IIRC. There are some interesting things about eigenvectors matrices, nDimensional space and Artificial Neural Nets.
This ( quote below ) is from Wikipedia on PCA or Principle Component Analysis. I would guess that it is clear as mud for those who don't delve into the far reaches of the land beyond the Twilight Zone of matrix math and n-dimensional space.

PCA of a multivariate Gaussian distribution centered at (1,3)
with a standard deviation of 3 in roughly the (0.878, 0.478)
direction and of 1 in the orthogonal direction.
The vectors shown are the eigenvectors of the covariance matrix
scaled by the square root of the corresponding eigenvalue,
and shifted so their tails are at the mean.
 It certainly is enlightening and AI is accelerating. There is a coherence in all these fields. Oh Archimedes, you missed it by the length of a Roman sword.

Do the Quebecois have no word for centered?  
Oh you crazy  devs, can't you decide what is the spell check language for a specific time zone as well as Long/Lat by ip to location or keep it constant across a single system? A game of language roulette. Opencourseware Yale Econ 159 lecture 5 and 6 on game theory would call it a coordination game.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen