The meaning behind method

I had occasion to revisit matrix math with Gilbert Strang at MIT and to some extent is boring after the first few times, but there is something deeper that is beyond the methods themselves. I can use any number of math packages for conversion to Upper Triangular, determinants, eigen values and virtually anything else I wanted with a matrix, easier in a program.  There is something else that is gained by understanding why it would be done this way in the first place as its' first discovery. There is a spark below the facts that is not taught and perhaps cannot be taught, it is a leap of intuition that only comes when it arrives.
In the video , I was using recordmydesktop and trying out some of the new VLC features that would have only been available at a studio years ago. I have developed my own new methods and the matrix math association is certainly real.
It is to be seen, if Mr Google Brain will show this without some snafu.
Parallel tasks do relieve some of the boredom and  make use of the time between what is completely known and that which is just usable. Apparently it isn't HTML5 but can it be seen with open software GNU viewer? No. And strange things happen.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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