The worlds between moments

It always comes as a surprise, (which in itself is not a surprise as those things which are not even hinted at by current understanding are truly unknown this.surprise(not)) when I discover something new about time.
I suppose that the last post was a bit cryptic and so I will explain that it is about a gene that may define how a human differs from an animal in their mental structure. It surely is what I would expect, as its origins are junk DNA and so it is not a common vector mutation. The difference is like fingers, which could show up on anything because it has a SNP path, but something like this is not likely to be duplicated in every species and perhaps not in any common life in the universe as it is structured.
I see that a Canadian university has come up with a better brain model and so the clock ticks again.
We traveled back in time to visit Isaac Newton and discussed telescopes and light with him and he explained to us that you shouldn't always take what is published as being the whole picture as he did delve in the black arts a bit and they have their own way of tracking and using new knowledge to their advantage.
So we brought him back to the coming Wednesday and discussed what things he might suggest given his talent and perspective and I was not surprised by what he said. Most of that was something I had already figured out myself. I am not sure he grasped what a "twitter" is, but we didn't have inter-time to explain it before the next impending moment arrived.
The image is some javascript that uses the "jquery" library to pop up stuff on mouseover. javascript libraries function much like system libraries in most aspects. I include them, call them on conditions, and they have a "sort of" API. The packed libraries are hell to study and they can be "unpacked" with some tools, but perhaps another time.

In the space between moments there is another world and how can it be seen if time itself is between frames.

I have delved into ImageMagick a bit deeper, as well as new features of Blender, Gimp, OpenCV, python-opencv, and libvox. I don't know how I missed it, but ImageMagick has some really sophisticated image analysis tools that are better than mine in many aspects. Always something new to find in the ongoing developments.

The factorials of knowledge merge into something very odd. If a person just focuses in one science it may seem less fantastic, but viewed from the cockerel it paints a bizarre and often scary landscape and the caves and rivers intertwine with trails of smoke and fire to create forms never seen before, and perhaps never to be seen again.
So what social gene (genre) will emerge from the ongoing chaos that is the matters of state of this planet? Again, it must seem to make some sense when viewed up close, but I can say for certain that at a distance it looks like a bunch of people swimming in a plate of spaghetti, and them imagining it to be solid land.

3D printing with materials available on the moon, like moon dust. I saw that coming a mile away. Something strange in the shadow of Jupiter.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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