Life or Linux From Scratch

Installing minimal Linux is pretty easy and a bit less time consuming than a full install. There is a mini.iso available and if you have internet connectivity it goes pretty fast.

Gnome is a real irritant for a programmer as it is designed for a novice and makes all kinds of decisions without any reconfigurability.  It really isn't a problem as anybody who is irritated by it knows how to either do a console install, custom install, create your own vanity distro or just copy files that are needed.

As far as Life From Scratch (LFS) there have been some interesting developments. It always makes me wonder why a specific thing was not done in history. People have been mucking about for quite a long time and you would think that somebody would catch on to the big picture. A vacuum tube could have been made in the time of the Roman empire or Egyptian kings. It would just take an understanding of how things relate and being able to connect the dots between x and y. A lot is made of things like discovering electricity , and I am not impressed as they could have started building computers then if they had grasped what it meant. Even the development of radio and TV was a weird and long drawn out process that was more like fiddling than understanding. Same with atomics and even computers when they finally arrived.

I often think about what is in the cracks in the wall of time and I hear whispers of things that can be. Some would seem like magic I suppose, and as much as the world is changing from the internet and computers, it is actually nothing compared to what could and will be that I already know. It takes only a person to look into the vortex and see what is there. The world might seem fantastic that a person can communicate around the world in real time, bionic limbs, printed organs, nano lasers, drones, 3D printers, cloning, and a great deal more. In fact there are some things hiding in plain sight as they have always been. What makes the difference between a person who looks at a branch and sees a bow and a person who uses it to whack somebody on the head as their great creative act. What of the Crookes tube (1869  -150 yrs. )and the vacuum tube, what made him stop there and not make an electronic valve. Funny, that makes me think of Jeri Ellsworth and Valve.

So I have discovered many things by wondering how a stick can be used other than as a blunt object. Reality is much more fun than delusion and perhaps it is only a few that think that. If a person looks at a stick and sees a piece of wood and no more, then perhaps the mind numbing delusions of others are some comfort and object of desire. I would hazard a guess that those who create delusions may have creativity with a lack of skill to create the things in the real world, so in that respect they seem as sad to me as those who have no imagination at all. I have seen it from both sides and the Flowers I have received for my personal Algernon, have wilted and one must fight with the weapons they are issued.

So it is, that the future and freedom comes to be past and I personally am glad of it as it has been a long climb up the evolutionary ladder and still the top of the trees is no where in sight. Perhaps there are a pair of n-Dimensional wings in that temporal fissure that would allow me sight of the "Integral Trees", I should ask the keeper.

I see many things, I see plans within plans. And many are about as elegant as a wooden club. I suppose you only have to be smarter as well as greedier than the other rats to be considered king rat.

Dots without lines , so many.

Blender "Cycles". Neat stuff. That software is so easy to use now and perhaps it is just that I have become familiar and it has slowed somewhat in its growth of features to let me catch up. I remember the first time I used it and it felt like drowning in complexity and I fell more than I walked.

It does seem now that real time "Rebel Flesh" is but a walk across the park to the cockerel , but don't touch the pipes. But then, that was almost a given anyway and what I intend is something that has never existed or even been dreamed AFAIK. So, so much more than "insanerer".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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