Fiction becomes infliction

The obvious and sometimes subtle eugenics of species is the primary motive force that drives change. Sometimes it is declared a madness when carried to extreme and a kindness when applied with a subtle blade. Continuation is inherent in the form of everything that exists in the biological world. If it were not, then it would not exist in the face of selective pressure and constant change. Unless there were some scale of measure that was not derived from paradoxical circular logic there is no way to say if it is good or bad in any absolute sense.The very term itself seems to describe it best in scientific terms. It is a selection from that which is possible and preference is inherent in the form. The art of it is as complex as the universe and has no restraint imposed by the play field except that which exists within the nature of matter itself. The conservation of energy, momentum, and mass does set an absolute rule set and the physical universe is the ultimate referee in any close call.

I suppose that eugenics could simply be called selection by action. In the case of limited resource there must be a choice made or the universe will step in and cast its vote for re-assignment of all to the sub harmonic chaos. A person can declare themselves referee as a tactic in the game, but that title is reserved for the universe and they can make that false claim and apply it as much as they will, but the universe decides whether you are safe on third independent of the proclamations of the self appointed sooth sayer.

This is a video done with Linux-debian  "recordmydesktop" and a program that uses OpenGL and is written primarily in "C". This is test number 55, which is the interface to my 3D printer. It is like every other control application that I have programmed in most ways. Of the hundreds I have done, this had no new quirks that I had not dealt with before. Matter, mechanism, and  mechanical control interfaces have a limited set of selections and possibilities , else they would be inherently chaotic. Some of the bugs that I encountered were Linux specific, hardware specific, and method specific. "ttyUSB0" is a pain in the ass when somebody creates specific methods for it. That is in a configuration file that can be found by "locate ttyUSB" and only affects Ubuntu in versions above 10.04 AFAIK. The FTDI chip has some odd corner cases as well as USB to serial and RS422. Other things have to do with physics and chemistry so I won't comment because I don't have infinite time to list all possible combinations of matter and their factorial products.

In the final analysis, they all seem to dance a meaningful jig so long as each player starts on its X and does not stumble. In this test I am checking things like angular momentum, interface speed and how the physical device interacts with its control counterpart. It does seem to operate consistently at least and that is all I wanted. It has a reasonable chance to dance a meaningful ballet that will become the ballerina. We shall see if the video gets hammered on its way to the "House of Google".

Oh well, that shot craps. Try again in another form.
This is to see if Mr Google likes mpeg better. (apparently so)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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