Shadow People and electron zombies

It occurred to me that on line tracking becomes more and more like the "Rebel Flesh" in an electronic way. Everything responds to what the machine perceives to be the interest and motive of the person using it.
It also becomes like "The Matrix" as the action of the individual becomes so predictable that they become a "dunsel" (Star Trek)  or battery to their own life. When the computer can predict who will buy, how they vote, how they will act, who they will like, where they will go, and what they will click then it becomes an image of the person in not just one, but many places and it is traded about like coin. A virtual slave trade of the constructed mind.

When the machine can predict what a person will do, I would say that in some way the person has already done what is discussed in the Dr Who episode of the "Rebel Flesh". They have put their personalities and desires into the 'gunge' and it has its own life now and it can grow. It would not be impossible to take that profile and create a virtual person from the vast amount of data. In a way that is being done. If the DNA is taken, the body scan at airports, information at the doctor's office, vaccinations, the mind through the Internet, then what is left?
The genotype to phenotype is somewhat predictable even now. I am sure that maps of SNPs are circulating too.

It makes for some interesting speculation as what happens when some of the 'gunge' has a quirk. The profile traded about in data bases becomes a program in a way that when applied to predict would become an actor in a virtual world.

What then is the person who becomes so well profiled that their life is scripted by the people who pull the strings? It is eerily like "The Flesh" in the fact that it provides an interface to the "ganger" and certainly a ganger doesn't walk about on its own without being plumbed in? In fact it is the reverse, the ganger is the original person and without the control of the evil Time Lord The Master's control, they become a zombie that must somehow defeat a copy of themselves that can grow and move at the speed of light.

I would say we need the Doctor and perhaps somebody should put out a distress call.

You can't predict what a particular molecule will do, but you can determine with some great accuracy what a large collection of them will do and so what if you have a rogue molecule that decides to collect momentum rather than reflect it, it makes little difference in 10 to the 23rd.

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It is always The Master's and the Dalek's downfall that they too are very predictable. Egg, eggs, eggs stir, eggs stir men, eggs stir men ate.

If I wasn't so lazy I would do a little magic with mencoder, ffmpeg, blender, OpenGL, audacity and some code to make an interesting delusion, but there are plenty enough of those around to distract the gangers already.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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