The world after replicators

I have been considering what to do with a self replicating machine and it is an interesting philosophical question. I have a machine that makes itself and was thinking about selling it. The problem is that selling it gets me money that would buy "stuff" and it makes "stuff". So what I could buy without a replicator would make sense, but if there is nothing to buy, even a replicator, then what is the point of trading something useful for something of no value. I suppose I could trade a replicator for the return of a built replicator, but even that seems silly as I can just have it make itself.
It is the Star Trek issue that I discussed long ago. If you have a machine that prints matter in 3D, you simply print it as many times as it is needed. It would also be a serious control issue. If it had a voice interface and you ask it to print a gun or knife then unless it was super intelligent and had some constraints it would do that. It would have to be more intelligent than the person who used it in order to afford some control of what was produced. That creates another problem, if the machine is more intelligent than the person using it, what point the person?
So a replicator cannot be controlled and it must be free to copy anything or fail miserably at doing something useful. There are no DRM controls on a milling machine or drill press that keeps a person from forging a sharp object.
It is just beginning to be a reality and it is obvious to me that it will eventually make almost anything including biological things. I believe it was Venter who recently suggested that one could get vaccines as a file and print them for yourself at home along with meds that might be needed. It is science fiction becoming real in real time. The autodoc of Ringworld becomes IBM Watson or Google Doc(tor)s.
It is fairly obvious to me that the end result of this technology storm is the ability to instantaneously travel anywhere in the universe at some ridiculously low energy cost. Not billions to go to the moon, but sun light energy to travel to Alpha Centauri. There are some interesting temporal issues and it causes some cases like "fixed points in time" as is mentioned in Dr Who, but the reality of it is of course different than the artistic speculation.
It is a bag with a missing cat and much like all unexpected consequence it cannot be prepared for, because you would have to know the unknown before it happened and that is definitely a fixed point in time if I ever saw one.
I am guessing I should just give the engineering and software control away once I have experimented with it a bit to see what corner cases would arise in practice.
So trading a machine that can make almost anything for a piece of paper that is a promise from some self appointed monarch seems to make little sense. If people can move about the universe at will, property has no value as it is impossible to circle and restrain or even keep stable in space, time or state. It is very much like the Internet when I first considered the consequences and it was obvious that it would create radical change in almost everything. This is just another stone thrown at the perceived reality of the universe and there aren't many windows left to break.
It is also obvious to me that devices that could be designed and built with a personal replicator would make machines that ran without any great energy usage in comparison to what is done now. If you can travel across the universe for a dollar's worth of gas, the cost of going from LA to NY would be nothing because the energy usage would be less than standing out in the sun for a few minutes to collect the warmth and so it has no dollar value at all as that is an artificial construct that implies that energy and matter are limited in form and controlled by a central registry. In the post replicator world, none of that is true. Energy or matter is not what is needed. It is the structure and function which has purpose and no value as that is an artificial construct to measure effect in a controlled space and that will never be again.
I have no answer to the meaning of it all or even certain knowledge of what will come of it.
It is the oncoming storm. So, back to creating clouds and avoiding lightning.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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