Red and Green infinities

Some recent developments suggest to me that a lot of people will be living on Mars within the next two years. There is an undercurrent of technology that operates outside the advertised and monetized structures of a sovereign system. In many ways, the control structures of power that create artificial restrictions on supply to profit a few is choking the advance of technology. Nature always finds a way and like the internet, nature sees constriction and routes around it. Natural life is all about uncontrolled growth and continuous change.
It seems that the model of the sovereign world is to hold the water well by force and make everyone pay with their lives to drink. So long as the well can be held against force and an artificial scarcity can be maintained it serves that few who arm the well cap.
The secondary effect is that it restricts the evolution of ability and nature has no such limitation. It is possible to constrict nature in a closed system like a closed energy system, but nature exists on the outside everywhere and no matter how tightly the ant lion king holds onto any resource, the universe will grow in about them and in the end it is nothing more than a kingdom of sand castles inhabited by still water in an ocean of change.


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Nicely stated.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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