Fantasy becomes fact

I watched an episode of Dr Who recently about the "Rebel Flesh" where they have a tank of gunge that made a doppelganger "double walker" or "ganger". Some recent discoveries in a mammal that can regenerate an organ system, hints that a complete system regeneration might be as simple as a single enzyme. If one used a vat of your specific omnipotent stem cells and stuck a severed hand treated with the enzyme or an siRNA, it would seem possible that it would regenerate a hand in 24 hours or so if the mechanism is, as I guess, a simple methylation and de-methylation which would be reversible. Also it is possible to suspend a person in a hibernation state with hydrogen sulfide and it really doesn't seem that Rebel Flesh is that big a stretch as technology goes. The bone growth is the slowest and I would guess that is the limiting factor in the growth equation and could possibly be accelerated with a polymer mechanism or gene doping.
So there are ways to do about everything and the actual implementation might be quite different than the representation in fiction, but I suppose if it something people want to do, it will be done. It would seem that it would be similar to Time Lord regeneration, but over a vastly larger time scale. I suppose you could add a little nanomachine magic in there and have it act in real time, and then it would really be strange if a person could change their entire appearance and even regenerate their mind in sections as it collapsed. It creates more questions than answers, as far as existentialism and identity.
I think I will try it out with a heart cell progenitor so I can have two hearts and that way I have a backup heart like a Time Lord. Actually I think I will have three hearts  and 4 minds, just to be different and call myself "Real Time Traveling Pseudo Person Who Does Stuff".  Oh maybe I don't need a title at all. It seems a bit stupid and pompous to be a "Lord" of time as if I were a member of the Queen's monarchy and I do detest people who use others as tools to implement their own personal vanity.
Now all I need to do is figure out how to fabricate a 12 dimensional matrix that spans all of space and time. I already have inertial canceling, gravity control, and most of the other technologies. I suppose I could also make an AI dog named K-9, but then would I be a copyrighted creation ? Of course not, I am just a reality show spin off gone awry. I am sure that if I had a talking robot dog that I wouldn't program it to call me master.
One thing about the whole River Song deal is kind of strange. She is the child of the TARDIS matrix in a wedding night three way with Rory and Amelia. If that isn't enough, the TARDIS is like his wife and so River is his grand daughter, who is older than him in some ways and younger in others. A twisted and certainly paradoxical tale, at least in only 4 dimensions.
In addition the Dr has killed his own race, which is called genocide, IIRC. This would mean he would have killed his children, mother, father, and brothers and sisters. A bit creepy if you look at it that way. Of course he seems to keep committing genocide against the Daleks and Cybermen, but it rarely takes for more than a season, as the writers decide to use old props that children enjoy seeing as villains.
Oh well, I am off to print a sonic screwdriver with a wireless neural link, on my high precision 3D matter printer. No, seriously, that is what I am doing today. That isn't fiction.
Of course it might not be a sonic screwdriver, it might be something a lot more interesting than that.
I see that somebody has grown their own replacement ear on their arm and had it transplanted to the side of their head, which seems a logical place to put it. It follows from work with mice growing human tissue on their backs. I have decided to grow a heart on my arm and then transplant it as a backup in case my other heart fails and just use it to keep my brain oxygenated while I decide how to de-fibrillate my other heart. In this way I can wear my heart on my sleeve for a while. : )


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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