A different kind of time

This is a collar with set screw , two 3mm screws, a drill bit, and a matching screw tap.
I have been studying the issue of 3D printing and have come to some interesting conclusions. Precision is a relative term and the registration of relationships in 3 space, nature, and time can be considered in many ways.
It isn't so much that I understand something new, but it is the fact that everything is an analogy for something else. There are relationships of matter , gravity and time which lead me to places that none have ever been. No science fiction could portray it, no story could capture it, no legend could proceed from it as it is without precedent. It is projection beyond that which can be understood by those who might observe it. Dark time, dark reason, and even darker travel.
Something is very wrong and it has been wrong since the known origin of time. It makes me wonder about the universe and its meaning. The singularity has lead me to a mesa above the chaos and in the distance is all that chaos that twists reality into a comic image of itself. Reason leads to understanding, but once in that state of reason, the color of the universe is forever changed and never can I regain that wonder at that which is now obviously ridiculous.
It is so familiar and yet it is only the perception that makes it so. It is the registration of that perception against the possible universes that gives it real meaning.
It is a wicked time that I travel and fiction has no teeth to bite this twisted wreck of differential projected fact. A feint to fiction is a tasteless food but if you are starving it might be attractive, but dissolves without substance upon the mind.

Something must change when time exists , which means that reality as it exists must die and be born again anew in that instant again, forever, literally.

If you look at the image, you will see that the metal collar is marked "CHINA" and how in the world can it be rational to mine and purify metal, export it,  cast and machine it, handle it, package it in plastic refined from oil, print it in great detail, translate it to English, stamp it, drill it, tap it, insert screw, seal with heat, and then ship a 2 ounce part halfway around the world, move it by rail, then truck, set it on a shelf, and pass it through purchasing .... when I can print that very part in seconds for virtually nothing in metal or plastic from a spec sent at the speed of light or held in magnetic fields, physical structure,  or static charge. How can that possibly happen? The cost is dollars and the product is far far less than even a cent. Something is amiss and this is just the smallest crack in the vast fractal plane of time's reflection.
I think I will mark all my parts with "MARS╬│" or "MOON╬▓".

I actually wish that I could say marshmallow.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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