Slim REM Light

I was playing with various RF equipment like frequency counters programmable divide by PLL , VCOs, Tank circuits, crystal tuners, crystal filters, frequency multipliers, 3D antennas, signals to 300 Ghz, and it occurred to me that there might be a different kind of light. It is just one of those things like the hall effect. It is obvious that it should happen based on the physics of the electron ( the Hall Effect ). And this case it is also so. When I first thought of the Hall effect I had no idea it existed and was used so much. Because I grew up learning it myself because it was not taught generally. But that is the way it goes with many effects which are known and some unknown as of now.

Slim light ( as I have decided to call it ), allows an action similar to neutrinos except at all energies. It is point to point and is not greatly influenced by the intervening matter. Clearly any advanced society would use this method over radio waves. The difference is inverse square propagation at huge wattages dumping energy everywhere or nano-watts in a point to point configuration. It makes all communication technology obsolete by a vast difference. It doesn't allow monitoring and it requires no great infrastructure as well as being free of noise that comes from RF interference. I would say that the Internet, as it exists, is obsolete, Mobile phones, cable TV, satellite TV, all military control, and a vast array of connected or related industries. I just thought that it might be possible to make a CPU that wasn't in any one place, but distributed anywhere you wanted. It also reduces the wattage of computation. I will have to think about that a bit as the generation and reception is unique and a bit complicated in methodology.

There is no natural condition that produces this effect and the closest thing to it is neutrinos. Since it doesn't interact with matter in any significant way it is harmless to biological systems and RF is not harmless. Even at high energies and quick data rates it is not interactive. There have been some very wild advances in many different areas and they present changes whose consequences are very difficult to predict. Like strong AI and some speculation by Google. I have seen the effect of AI in things that I create and it isn't decades or even years away. Special purpose AI and integration is the approach I use. If a specific device is designed to function only in a niche and useless anywhere else, it can be confined to a small set of possibilities and thus not suffer from the issues of "consciousness" or even complexity issues. Like the ant, it just does a few things and it never reasons upon its actions, it is pretty much just a single purposed automaton like most bugs or bacteria. In the larger sense they have complexity, but in the small they function very predictably and without unexpected consequence.

I would guess that if there were a truly advanced society then it would use this method to communicate. I always thought it a silly thing to think about receiving radio waves from other stars, what a joke, inverse square over 4 light years, come now. I will have to create a spectrum analyzer to scan all the energies and directions. I have been studying RF spectrum analyzers and scanners so the logic and interface is the same, but the physical layer is totally different.

I think this is the mode of interstellar communication that would be used by an advanced agent. I feel that it might bring real results in discovering something alive in the vast universe.

I had a thought about memory and this interface. If memory doesn't have to be physically located next to the CPU, it could access memory on the other side of the world as far as that goes, if delays were considered. So memory could be 3 dimensional in structure which would allow for some dramatic changes in data transfer rates.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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