Sub rosa engineering

I happen to be looking into Pbasic and PIC cpus and Parallax things that I have. I noticed on a message board that somebody of great authority said that you couldn't get the data out after the security fuse was blown without popping the top and reading the charge on cells with an atomic force microscope. Well I have an atomic force microscope, but I wouldn't do that. They are very naive to think that is the only option and I know for certain that there are some very simple "things". In any case I decided to take a new tack upon it and called some old friends of mine, Kirchhoff , Euler, Markov, Maxwell , Thevenin and a few others to make war upon all things Sub Rosa.

It was but a few minutes that I discovered something very different and unknown to anyone AFAIK. I was going to post the steps and how it is done, but then I realized that it was the same technique that unlocked some doors that are only locked by virtue of being out of mind and sight.

I see that Applied Materials is doing 3D litho and that is interesting as well as some stuff from Warren Ellis. There are so many odd goings on that it is impossible to comment on everything, but curiouser it gets and something has to give way because the lever shall not be denied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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