Phased array lightning bug stem cells

This is certainly a blast from the past with a Rockwell 4 bit CPU. I have been applying software divide and conquer algorithms to hardware. It is possible to do conductivity tests using induced RF that allows a log base 2 connectivity analysis. This is also true after you pop the tops on ICs. This generates a net list and I can usually look at a net list and know what device is in use, even if it is a chip on board COB or COP. It is also possible to determine internal structure without popping the top, but then I can't bond out the internal structure to larger arrays of circuits. I am experimenting with a piezoelectric vacuum pump at the moment.

Some strange things become obvious on investigation and schedule 25 of the Vogon high command disallows me from commenting on that. I received a neutrino code from a Vogon controlled anti-matter universe and it stated that intercepting a Vogon neutrino communication was punishable by immediate execution. I have several problems with that. For one, it don't know it is a Vogon neutrino before I test it. Secondly they operate at C and so there can be no prior information that it is about to take place. Third, if you don't intercept their neutrino transmissions then you don't know it is a Vogon crime. You also have to be careful because transmissions can have Vogon poetry embedded, and that is lethal to humans.

I was thinking about occluded galaxies and cosmic/xray producing black holes in the galaxy behind and it seems a real opportunity to do a simple spectrum analysis of the intervening material. It is how x-ray crystallography is done and also the nucleus has specific resonant energy levels just like the electrons. As the two galaxies move in space it would be like a single pass scanner that would proceed at some rate dependent on a lot of mathy calculations. Perhaps the new Xray satellite will take a look at that. Still no news from the grail twins and I suppose it takes some time to figure out what they have to hide and what they will release. The Vogons do the same thing, the only real way to know is go yourself. The reason I remember Rockwell CPUs and their funny pinning is that I had to re-solder one when I was on the moon, oops, I wasn't supposed to say that. Darn Internet, remembers everything.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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