Lathe of independence

I have been studying material science and did process control and instrumentation work with metal refractories decades ago. I have devised a way to make a RepRap that produces metal parts with a 10 thousandths accuracy directly from a computer model in 3D. I have also devised a method to make nanometer metal masks for integrated circuits.

What this allows is the production of a metal lathe by means of a simple self replicating manufacturing model. A lathe can make a lathe also. As well as metal casting, it can make copper or aluminum wire. In a worst case scenario of control, it can be done with relays and all mechanical parts. I designed relay controlled process as well as installed computer control to replace such systems. In the beginning PLC's which were programmed as ladder diagrams to ease the transition to electronics for those familiar with relay and tube circuit control.

A system which allows metal structures to be fabricated at home would definitely change the structure of the evolved industrial framework. If the ultimate cost of an object is in a CAD file which costs virtually nothing to disseminate, then there really is no cost except the energy expended to transform one form of matter into another.

The framework I have devised is very rough, but it could be modified to produce actual mechanical parts at any scale down to a single nanometer. As the structure is naturally self replicating, the cost of manufacture is not to be considered. It becomes a guided organic like system that requires no external economic or political framework.

From an personal economic perspective it is the most sensible progression. It does short circuit the supply chain for all manner of plastic, metal, ceramic and electronic objects. It would seem to me that the natural progression is to a system of shared information which can be used to manufacture structure for personal utility. If there is no means to extract work by force from the individuals, there could be no political structure produced. The existence of social structure is for a common good, but in fact it exists not for common good, but for the continuance of a caste system of oligarchies that benefit those who cannot design and create.

I am not an anarchist, but benevolent anarchy or symbiosis of individuals for common good is a far better governing principle than a centralized structure which concentrates "good and evil" so that an individual idea cannot flourish.

Like the manufacturing revolution, the information and nano-technology concepts will alter the structure of society.

It is also possible to make integrated circuit at home and some of the work of Jeri Ellsworth is very informative.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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