A 12 volt bumblebee named Julie

Factorial combination of technology is proceeding and MIT has a new self assembling structure for smaller line spacing. I have been looking into some new designs that combine various technologies and I can now create content addressable memory at a level of about 1026 bytes that function near a terahertz at less than 1.5 volts.

It reminds me of an episode of "The I.T. Crowd" where they make Jen think she has the internet in a box.

I have been experimenting with high temperature oils infused with copper dust to perform circuit board recycling. I can do a mirror image pick and place with a high temperature glue that does the opposite of what a pick and place machine does. By only flowing hot oil on the surface of the board I can avoid exposing the bodies of integrated circuits to prolonged high temperature above spec. If I also cool the reverse 'pick and place', actually, 'pick from place' it serves to allow the use of a lower temperature glue and keeps the upper parts of components from heat stress.

The image is from RobotWorx and I am sure they don't mind me inadvertently advertising their product with the image.

I have also been experimenting with "regating" integrated circuits to a smaller size to re-purpose the silicon itself to a higher frequency. The first time I saw somebody pop the top on an ASIC at a trade show it really stunned me. I was just hanging with some engineers from Japan and they had a new graphics card and we were just talking shop as far as ASIC design. He had the top of the chip held on with a rubber band and popped it off to short a path on the chip and plugged it into a board and then tested it. I have also seen an atomic force microscope used to alter "stuff". An interesting thing that occurred to me is that a reversible IC is really what is needed. It acts almost like a complex circuit oscillator so that it takes input and produces output, which is fed back to restore the IC to its original state. It would seem that such a design might be made to produce no heat at all ( with different materials ) as it would be an harmonic oscillator of sorts. It does remind me of work by 'University of Washington'? about "Schroedinger's Hat".

Strange days are upon us and stranger still it becomes. I have seen something in the designs that sound like crazy talk, but I do believe it will be implemented. It would be something like Tele-Existence or TE or being vision. It would actually be the real person doing whatever they do and it could be replicated like a TV show. I do remember the stories of tribes saying that cameras stole their souls and TV fascination. If a person were duplicated and then disposed of, would that be a new type crime? I am not an existentialist and so I don't believe there is any "absolute person" involved, but there is unique combinations which when returned to entropy would reduce the constructive scope of the universe and would be a net loss. So I would guess that barring the ability to duplicate and retain the skill of an individual assembly, that utility and its effect would be lost. I suppose it is the difference between melting down circuits or taking them and extending their life as well as increasing their utility. In that respect, perhaps I am an angel to computers :) It goes into a question that I sometimes ponder without any real conclusion about its absolute meaning.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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