Three ponies dance with a magnet

This was an interesting exercise. I charged an AGM battery with a constant current source using an LM317 circuit that I put together, added a pot to control speed, used an MC33035-D controller chip from ON semiconductor ( with Power drivers) , and a brushless DC motor with hall effect position sensors. It made a noise like the generation of a one Tesla magnetic field when bolted to the bench.

Total power out from the two AGM 22AH batteries is 24,000 watts for a short time. Since a Horsepower is about 750W, I say that it danced like three happy ponies.

I learned a lot about how AGM charges as well as brushless motors. Variable speed DC portable high power motors are always handy for lots of things. Four computer controlled motors on a car allows for turning without "turning" by changing the rotation speed of the inside or outside wheels. With all four wheels driving it would be 12 ponies with the setup I am using here. Considering there would be no gas tank, transmission, engine, or all the other stuff, it might have a very good power to weight ratio. I will just have to see what it does.

Somebody mentioned on "Hack a Day" created a lathe using a RepRap and that is very interesting.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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