Spooky data

This is a very strange product. I had thought there must be a better and faster way than Fourier analysis. The windowing seems odd to me and it is imprecise in the use of floating point. This conversion uses integers on an integer data set and is as precise as the incoming data. It started with the idea of vectors, phase, and decision trees applied to harmonics and the action of molecules under pressure. The transform itself is way faster than an FFT and is very selective in output to register voice as well as sounds. It is very easy to identify and differentiate phonemes as well as the character of a noise. If I wanted to know what frequencies were contained then I would use an FFT, however this is much better in a recognition framework and could be implemented to be completely parallel. Somehow I think that this could be used to analyze DNA as well. What I wanted was a transform that exhibited the character of a sound in such a way that it was discernible and descriptive. It looks odd, but it is consistent in form and varies obviously to identify a speaker as well as their phonemes. Phoneme to word look up is simply a dictionary lookup, though context is another matter all together.

Given that the data in has a 2 to the millionth power variance and very little is actually of interest in the data unless one wants to pick at the frequencies. A spectrogram gives me too much useless information and this technique cuts to the heart of what is relevant.

The reason I think it is spooky is because it is almost like reading the sounds. It is like sounds spelled in some bizarre character set. There is just enough information to know what is happening and no more. Almost like direct speech to text if one got used to reading it. I am looking forward to applying this to random noises, DNA, animals, and electromagnetic data from scanning the universe.

I realized that I could also do the reverse transform on images and get sounds that describe the same type of images. My odd thought was: Wouldn't it be strange if I reverse transformed the image of a star forming cluster and it said "Hello Sweetie!".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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