Speaking runes as dragons

I just find it bizarre that I can speak and produce a dragon. I do understand it is motey pareidolia, but that does not make it any less interesting. This is the mathematical representation of me speaking using this transform. It seems almost like the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" that created images with his exhaled hookah smoke. Which reminds me of the fact that Alice was certainly a vehicle for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson to exhibit some steganography of his own.

In this case I can speak into the microphone and generate a continuous stream of images and even change my voice to change the characteristics of the dragon phoneme. I am sure it has no more meaning than any random pareidolia, but it is odd how strange and complex a simple system can be.

I ran into some odd problems with sound files because of the use of sf_count_t, which is a 64 bit integer. It is an element of the SF_INFO structure that indicates the number of sound samples in a file. It is also kind of odd how printf handles the (%d) (percent d) exhibition of a long long unsigned.

Looking at this I realized what I will do next. I am going to take it on step further and generate a 3 dimensional character that is the time transform of the data in wavefront obj format as a set of faces and vertices. It then extracts characters that are the spoken word. In stead of producing dragon paintings, I can speak and it becomes an object in 3D and if I use my builder interface, I can speak and it will become matter. Now that is some art to consider. Now if I include an automatic rigging with the obj, I could speak an object that comes alive and acts. That would be a really cool appliance. I think I saw something like that in V or Matrix, or some other shows. He says it and it appears. It sounds so very magical, but I could image that one could say some secret magic word like abracadabra or plover and actually have a physical creature with articulation and control. It is an odd world and this would make it more entertaining. Casting the dragon runes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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