On the shoulders of dead giants

It occurred to me that Da Vinci could hardly have painted if it were not for existence oils and canvas. It is also so that Da Vinci, Euler, or the Bernoulli brothers can't be here to apply the new tools and canvases that are only now available. I paint with equations and electronic tools to produce matter and energy. In this case I have devised a new transform that is somewhat like a Fourier, but produces the image in the lower right from voice data. The lower left is a spectrograph of the same voice. I was looking into the types of windows used with DFTs and it occurred to me that there is a deeper relationship that allows a clearer representation of the data. It is harmonic, but not all sounds are generated by vibrating strings or even systems that resonate.

Other than the fact that it looks like a lava lamp, it produces a fluid picture of a voice in time that is more recognizable and easier to pin the relationship of speaker and content by association. I use computer vision and recognition on the image to produce a second product that recognizes the attributes in the same way that I might read characters in a language. It is a text with overtones of attributes. I have not tried it on animal voices yet, but I expect that it will give me some insight into language by extracting new information from a data set.

I wonder if an intelligent person would walk into a bonfire to meet the people there and strike up a conversation.

It is all well and good that there were talented people in the past, but they did not have, and never will have the skill to play the complex instruments at our disposal in this time. I paint with electrons, pixels, bits, and atoms. None of these ingredients was available to earlier artists.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen