The spoken word of the universe

In a very profound way the universe is like a spoken voice. In sound communication patterns resonate based on the velocity of sound in the medium as well as the shape and density of matter. The same is true of the universe, though it operates at light speed and that which is seen is always the echo of what was. I suppose that what we hear is also what was delayed by the speed of sound, but the distances involved are not as proportionately great.

In simple aspects it is possible to consider the voice in an example. If we see the remnants of a star which exploded 100 years ago, certainly it could have been viewed in progress here 100 years ago. The new transform I developed extracts a different type of character from varying data than a purely Fourier transform. It expresses the temporal intersect of data in a more representative way, such that it becomes perfectly obvious that what is displayed is specific and unique to that voice and that mode. It is completely obvious in its form and easy to distinguish that which is produced by intelligent modulation. If you can't tell the difference between the left and right image, please raise your paw.

As I develop new techniques for space travel it becomes more clear from the possibilities, what type of life would be dominant and also be present in the majority of space. It is easily possible ( without expensive hardware ) to escape a gravity well with a little less energy than the difference in energy to achieve orbital velocity and it is possible to safely travel at near light speeds with the proper technology. It does not lend itself to a single common command structure, however.

I see there is an open source project like the DaVinci surgical robot and that makes sense. I have used the DaVinci surgical system and what I saw was no different than any robot system that I have worked with. It may vary a bit on scale and purpose, but it is a Waldo and the concept was introduced long before I was even born.

So, the comoving resonance of the universe has a voice that represents the reflections in factorial time. Since each event affects each other event in the universe in space as well as time, the voice is the intersect in time of the cacophony of its effect. In the same way that a spoken word, as origin impulse, is extracted from the echoes, reverberations , and distortion, so can the original word be extracted from comoving time.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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