Digital computers do not dream of electric sheep

Using the transform I developed, the lower right is a natural voice and the other parts are differing parametric views of a synthesized voice. I can't tell the difference between real and synthesized voice in this case as it is a very good generator. I can however see that it is too perfect under my transform. It is consistent and invariant in the aspects that one sees in a human voice. It reminds me of "Blade Runner", which is actually some Phillip K. Dick dreams. I can imagine that as computers get more complex that these strange edges will show up in their activity and then they will be the only ones who know the difference.

I can't tell the difference by looking at the voice print either. It would seem that I have extracted something from the data that has real meaning. It does seem to imply that if I use that same technique on data from the universe it would be possible to see the dragons in the noise. Stars and revolving objects follow a very simple plan that is very regular and consistent, changes from intelligent complex life has a character which produces dragons when it speaks and dreams of robots dreaming of electric sheep.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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