The vector of time, energy and Kepler zombie light

In analyzing voice there seem to be some very simple relationships in terms of time. momentum and energy. It would seem to me that the imaginary as the sqrt(-1) [i or j] represents energy, as it has no direction. The generation of sound by a voice box is a differential pressure pulse and not a harmonic oscillator. Since every point in space that has meaning in the recognition is within a foot of the source, then any relative effects that occur outside of 20 milliseconds or so are secondary traits. Each surface has its momentum profile and the mv/t as represented by local pressure differential would have a consistent transform in time and space independent of the primary pulse frequency. Since the primary is the easiest pulse to identify, then it is fairly simple to produce a time space vector and momentum transform. In my analysis I am using a transform which accounts for momentum, energy, vectors and distance to a reflective or absorbing surface.

It does seem that the imaginary is actually that direction-less quantity of stored energy in a system. The system itself may have a preference for expression of that energy and that is a consideration in representation of the system process equation.

The fact that a black hole or other gravity can distort the path of light is well known. A very strange thing occurred to me and I still don't know what to make of it, any more than the new research from MIT on LEds that absorb and transform thermal energy. It would seem to me that a ray of light which passed about a black hole near the event horizon would ,in fact, orbit the black hole. If I were using a black hole to look into my own past, which is possible in a cosmic sense, it would seem that this zombie light would forever orbit the black hole if the universe were that stable. Kepler says "equal areas in equal times" and so the light might act very strangely? It would seem that it would be equal areas in equal times if you assumed that the area of space near a black hole was compressed and thus its area would be multiplied by its spatial distortion.

So in general I am looking at the momentum transform in space as well as time, based on the properties of materials involved. It would be very similar to echo location used by bats in a kind of reverse fashion in time. If I consider the sound as a reverse transform in time, then a signal would have a delay equal to the distance and property of a surface. It does make more sense why this transform generates a kind of picture and perhaps I can do another transform that resolves to a single physical form in the same way that bats can recognize the insects they hunt or a spider might see the 3D world from pressure changes in its hairs.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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