QR code test

Since I was thinking about transforms and images I fell into studying QR codes and the grand faloon of lossy money ideas, cuecat. The QR image encodes exactly what the shell decode says. I was actually thinking about generating images with my transform and in a more general way about transforms. There are an infinite number of possible transforms for any set of data. I really doubt that "code breaking" really applies. I am sure that somebody would solve backward writing, ROT13, a Caesar cypher, or any number of simple encodings. It is only as secure as the people involved if it is intended for communication.

It does decode after being generated from a snapshot of the web page and then captured from the display using a web cam. It speaks to how little information is encoded in those 2 to the ten thousand power bits. It does remind me of the registration marks used for pick and place robots. I also learned a bit of zenity ( qt shell interface ) in the process.

In the post apocalyptic world of robot warfare the sea is finally free. It is a strange universe and a little less so if you have the most current copy of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe". I does seem to me that some creatures of the sea may have lived as they are for 100's of millions of years with very little change. While the land was ripped with meteorites, volcanoes, storms, earthquakes, and CMEs, .. the sea would continue without much notice of the fall of so many different faux candidates for top predator. The universe gives a big hint when the sky goes dark and the only night light is Cerenkov radiation. The vapor form inhabits the 5 mile low depthscrapers as they reach for the floor.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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