Black hole moles

This particular image is an FFT across the image left to right such that higher frequency is right on the transform image. It is remarkable how specific and isolated different images become when multiple transform methods are intersected. At the moment I am considering the vector cross product of an FFT horizontally and an FFT vertically as well as the FFT2 cross product.

A black hole consumes all matter, but does it spit out dark matter then? The rhythmic circadian Fourier of equinox has knocked on the door of the mind of a fungus as well as the insect kingdom.

The various transforms of constructed images using ImageMagick is also very informative. The images themselves may be of many different fonts, but the transforms only show the relationships in a vast array of unnamed dimensions. There are eyes that see in the dark reaches of transform space and burrow in the non-space of the holy dark. Oh the infinities, piling high weigh less than zero and so do not encumber me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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