Black market dark matter

UC Davis has an article on applications of the Fourier which is informative.

I have been testing transforms on audio and images using various transforms including the Fourier harmonic, vector, triangular or Heaviside like effects as well as combinations of those. It suggests an interesting thing. It would seem that it would be possible to define a transform that was the visual or sense cortex ( even a mind transform, though very complex to something like 1040 ) and create a matrix that was the sub set of all possible transforms that is human or creature perception. There is a true infinity of possible transforms and a set of meaningful transforms within that as well as a much smaller set of useful transforms. It is the extraction of information from the vast possibilities. No creature computes all possible data relationships in a set, but only those that are useful in context for survival. It is obvious that in that there would be many visual states that would result in anomalous recognition.

When the same concept is applied to AI in the real world relationships, some very odd simple sets result.

Some universal life answers are resolving and I am looking for a means to verify what I suspect is the alternate global life paradigm which dominates. The structure and form of the known universe implies certain sustainable modes and this the definition of what is observed. That which remains viable for the longest period or is most oft recursed becomes the scenery of the universe. It is so in any system of matter.

I have seen it reported that very few people really understand math and this leads me to believe that they cannot properly resolve the state of the universe. Math tools do provide one window on the structures, but it is not the only one. It would be difficult to say which perspective is absolutely valid, as the absolute resolution is a true infinite. Perhaps the perspective I seek is not the perfection of omniscience, but rather the same transform in reverse that is the universe itself where I might surf about the statistical mean while retaining the cumulative structure within the natural harmonies.

The janitors at LHC were getting worried that if the Piggs boson was discovered they would lose their jobs. If there are no more neutrino splatters on the walls that need to be cleaned off, they will certainly get the boot. They decided to use the collider to generate dark matter and sell it as currency like gold, since it has that same property of being untarnished by other matter. It is also useful in gravity guns and General Products' #4 hulls. They are doing so well that they may have an IPO of a dark matter company.

The image on the lower right is part of what I call the Unified Thread Theory or the TOE ( Theory Of Every bolt ). It is part of experiments in machine recognition. Proper lighting as well as methods that are similar to movies like green screen are useful to reduce the computational burden. If it turns out to be 1 color instead of a shaded surface, the transforms are definitely more localized in context.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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