A real gravity gun

Thanks to the gravity gun blog ( and Valve Half Life indirectly ) I have an obj file and blueprint of a pretend gravity gun. What I have realized from studying gravity is that if you can detect it, you can control it. Observing light comes before controlling light and it seems to follow fairly obviously that gravity can be controlled very precisely. I don't know how many times I have dealt with science fiction and decided the concepts were absurd impossibilities, only to find that it is just a matter of time and if it is something that is useful and cool, it will most likely get done eventually in some form. A sufficiently advanced technology would be perceived as possible if it can be observed. I need not know how, if I only know it is possible then I can avoid chasing wild impossible dreams. It may not come from zero point energy, but who really cares about the detail, as long as it does the job.

And here it is rendered with my wavefront obj code with the texture applied using the supplied texture "vt" coords. The texture is bound before mapping and it would seem that I could make an extension that used multiple textures.


Krazzyman said...

Could I get a copy of this model?
It looks better than the one i started.

Paul Mohr said...

IIRC, I am fairly sure that I got the file as a .blend from the gravity gun blog, but I will check if it was modified or came from somewhere else. It could be the fact that it is a snapshot from my own personal OpenGL C program and I use various different OpenGL filter tricks to get better images. I will investigate.

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Automated Intelligence
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