The ballerina has a strange skirt

I was considering where to go and realized that the easiest path is directly along the lines of the ballerina's skirt. There are some very odd new research items on the web and strangely or not , there are some very open Chinese space researchers. I have been doing some math on Dark Matter and I am fairly certain that I can actually create what serves as dark matter. It is an anti-gravity effect and it follows from Einstein's premise. It makes me doubt that anybody really understands what is represented by the equations. I even have my doubts that Einstein understood the full import of the mathematical relationships ( Which I don't find odd, because I know a couple things and I am always finding new ways to apply them ). Anti-gravity is a pretty freaky concept, but dark matter is no less odd and it is observable in its effect. It does seem odd to me that it is possible to short out gravity in this way, so to speak, but it is an observable effect and as such it must have a cause. I do understand why it isn't observed in any terrestrial experiments or even at LHC. It also wouldn't be of any general use AFAIK. The energy needed to generate the effect is more than what would be needed to achieve the same goal in a more standard way. I was joking about the janitors and their black market in dark matter, but perhaps I am the janitor and I don't need a Large Hadron Collider to generate the stuff. It seems pretty obvious to me that the sun is a hot cathode and so it the galaxy and that it would have magnetic sheets and in some cases large current flows that would equalize the charge differentials created by the differential momentum of atomic electrical structure. In a way, the universe is like a vast three dimensional vacuum tube amplifier wired by the Mad Hatter to serve no purpose whatsoever.

I recently developed a method that acts like the science fiction concept "General Products Hull #4" and I was also joking about using dark matter to implement such a thing. I can say from my understanding of the stuff, it would be no help what so ever in shielding against cosmic rays or GRBs. The method I have devised would allow travel near c ( or sometimes at .5 c for many different reasons ) , and would also protect against hard radiation. It would have to do that or there would be no point in traveling at those velocities as everything forward would be blue shifted and more dangerous.

I finally found the methods that I need for the DNA operating system. In order for it to work it must not include any mechanical technology or strange tools that can't be generated by a living cell. The final piece was a method that allowed the generation of a DNA sequence like compiling code for a processor, except that the code is the processor or perhaps the universe is the processor and the matter is the code. Oh well it is matter that interacts with other in a systematic and repeatable manner. It certainly is the cheapest memory and requires no fab to create it and I can make a RAID ( Redundant Array of Independent Deoxy-ribonucleic-acid ) to be sure that no data is lost. It can be made to function somewhat like the "sarcophagus" from Stargate fiction or the "autodoc" from Ring World fiction. I wonder why the Star Trek series never had such a concept? It would seem to be one of the useful technology items that would be wanted in an advanced civilization, if only for longer retention of the knowledge / skill of talented individuals like Newton, Galileo, and Groucho Marx.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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