Polly A and the shadow bomber

I have taken Molecular genetics and the text book was generally a joke. As a person who has designed in process control, electronic design, software engineering, physics, and as a practical chemist ..... the conclusions are mostly absurd. A good example is polyadenylation in the nucleus of animal cells. It does serve several purposes, but the main purpose is to complete the chemical circuit path. ATP is the currency of the cell and is the main catalytic tool in the cells arsenal. In order to maintain and replenish the ATP that drives transcription of DNA, it requires energy in the form of ATP. Sticking it ( spent ATP, ADP, as 5'-adenylic acid ) on the tail of something so it goes out and is refreshed is obvious, and with everything in a machine designed by Mr Monte Carlo, it serves numerous purposes simultaneously. In the process of chemical synthesis in the lab or quantitative and qualitative analysis, it is obvious that even though you want a specific thing to do a specific task, it acts on everything because it is an homogeneous system that is factorial.

It is very obvious to me how the origins of life have come about by traveling the paths of probability and continuance. It all starts with the atomic affinities of CO and CN in gas phase plasma. It follows that enzymatic activity will feedback. It is also obvious that rings are more stable than chains. There are thousands of relationships that follow from the inherent limitations of molecular activity and association as well as probability. There are things that become mechanisms of process control in manufacturing like the Coriolis force, venturi effect, Leidenfrost and many many more.

I could never recount all the relationships and methods that result in my understanding of essentially the process control machine that is the universe. Beyond practical experience with design of chemical and mechanical systems with control, there is decades of personal experimentation and observation. The fact that in the universe the hot bodies emit and cold bodies collect negative charge. So then it follows that they will flow along charge lines, a moving charge produces a magnetic field, a cold negative plate in a thermionic emission tube system acts to control current flow as well as restrict or shield currents. They are just effects and they combine in many different patterns.

I have never been able to perfectly solve every system I was tasked to analyze and repair, but I do find the key a high percentage of the time. When I see a new software package, I first decide how I would do the same task and then use that as a template to study the code. So I solve the implementation before I even look at the code and create a system that would serve the same purpose. This is usually just a few minutes for a simple application and a few hours for something more complex. There is a parallel between all science and solving in one area often provides a solution in another. The logical skills and relationships do travel between sciences.

In the case of such a simple thing as cellular differentiation, it implies certain things and I can speculate based upon the "shape" of the solution. Certain things must exist to implement the process. In order for a cell to differentiate and remain differentiated after a change, it requires that whatever change is made is carried forward. In a cell this usually means a some poly amino acid or catalytic RNA fragment. It would be my conclusion that in order to have differentiation in growth, it would require a mechanism like methylation of DNA as a beginning, but would require a component that carried that change forward in an "or" true form such that if one paired base was methylated, the other would be converted. While getting the link to Wikipedia, I read the article and in the process saw that it is actually well known that ....

Maintenance methylation activity is necessary to preserve DNA methylation after every cellular DNA replication cycle.

The point of that is that I was not aware of the research, but is easy in a few seconds to know that it exists and apply it as if it were proved to project what may come from that fact. I could "guess" that it would go awry in a very large number of ways that would be disease conditions. This is typical of a system that is designed by biological randomness and natural selection. I doesn't create the best design and that anybody would call it intelligent design is a good joke. The intelligent design of a chemical manufacturing system that is what people call life, would not proceed in this way. It is obvious to me that many mistakes were made in selection over the billions of years. There are some basic guidelines of a system designed by nature that require it to follow certain paths and many of those paths are not optimal or conserved. An effective solution does not meet design guidelines, but serves the mirror of nature in its structure. An intelligent design would incorporate the information discovered in an organism to be directly and conveniently transfered to a descendant organism. There are so many things which can be inferred from a few simple principles. It leads me to project future process and consider its consequence.

In the process of considering the ultimate meaning of matter that thinks complexly, it seems to me that it is a logical flaw to assume one's own relationship to deity. In order to be certain that one was the product of a deity, a person would have to be omniscient and thus by assuming descent from deity, one claims omniscience in the solution which then negates the solution and is a paradox and therefore not just not true but impossible to conclude. I know that logic does not play a role in emotional process, but by allowing emotion to determine logic, it leads to paradox and ultimate failure in design. It is not possible to draw a perfect conclusion from the universe and like things which branch to infinity, they just become things which should not be followed. Like a bottomless pit in a maze, certain logical paths have no solution and spending any time on things which branch to infinity is just a waste. Some logical aspects run parallel to biological imperative. If a person is to find an effective solution and retain and apply that solution, it requires that they not be bound in a situation similar to a deadlock or deadly logical embrace. Seeking a solution to the meaning of the progression of life is a kaleidoscope that may be entertaining to consider at times, but cannot have a considered solution. The road to infinity is long and perhaps there is an interesting oasis along the way or more likely an entertaining adventure. It will never be possible to be certain that there is no more to know or investigate and so this is the vector that is motey and it stands firmly pointing into the NULL space.

And so to do what I do best, I will assume that I have followed the curves above the ballerina's skirt to the north of the solar plane and encountered an oasis which I presumed was there, now, will I decide to take to the South with that information and tools as an alien passing Earth or continue North? I suppose it depends on whether I am correct. So TBD in process.

Many things in the universe have a shape in the NULL space and if my speculation is correct, there is a quick short circuit to what I seek.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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