GPU voice analysis at Teraflop speeds

NVIDIA has a wealth of information on parallel GPU computing as well as links to MIT, Stanford and other schools that provide teaching resources. I am testing to see if I lose precision by implementing my integer transform in momentum and time using the GPU. It is a general case analysis and the real goal has nothing to do with speech or even sound. I am interested in its application in gravity technology as well as genetic analysis for the mitochondria operating system. I believe that I have sufficient technology to leave the solar system at light speed, but the main issue long term is maintenance of memory structure and function. It is unreasonable to consider the use of any mechanical or electronic equipment whatsoever in that process. Self replicating systems are the only basis that has any hope of long term stability in a universe that is beyond 1030 cubic light years in scope. Even the best system is subject to the random fluctuations of matter. The only effective remedy for chaos is multiplicity. It need not be an inherent existential form or even a localized form, but redundancy is an effective tool for dealing with events that are not predictable. The vast majority of the universe is not subject to precognition of effect and the more space per unit time traveled increases the risk of randomness.

I don't think I have anything to gain by leaving this gravity well and dropping myself back into another well. It seems obvious to me that intelligent life would not remain in proximity to a fusion bomb. I suppose I am am sounding like the "Hindmost" .


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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