Recognition and action

I followed the instruction HERE and installed opencv2. As you can see it detects a face even when that face is an image on a screen captured by a lossy interface camera of a lossy jpg representation then transported through a lossy interface to the blog.

It would seem that all situations can be modeled as matrices or a system of equations. What I was wondering is how the equation and process of the entire planet functions. In the spirit of a Haar-like analysis, or finite elements, it would seem that patterns would be recognizable and that actions taken could be represented in the same system that I use for modeling the behavior of a hunting amoeba. What action is available and what action might be taken would certainly be the same type of decision tree. The difference is in the degree and scope of effect. I can clean my stove and repair my computer all day, but if some nut bar decides to launch a nuclear missile, it would ruin my clean stove. I do not think that any scientific practice is employed in government and in fact I think they avoid sensible scientific reasoning in favor of graft and personal interest. At the least they have no scientific skill to apply to what is a more effective interface than some small device I might construct. What I wonder is whether they have the skill and tools as well as mind set to actually operate the complex and dangerous equipment. A reactor operator would be measured to his job and excluded if he were unfit. And yet people who have access to and control of processes vastly more dangerous have no certification that they can act effectively to achieve a goal( in fact, some are literally insane and incompetent, like Qaddafi and yet rule for decades). I seriously doubt that any politician should be allowed to operate dangerous equipment like a planet. If I had been tasked to operate a planet, I would certainly have to know the effect of my actions, be able to detect a condition and apply a suitable answer. It seems to me that politicians and despots act without a functional plan, except to retain power. It would seem that a scientific analysis of the process would yield a method that would dominate a naive strategy of force, personal interest, and deception.

It would seem that the best solution would be an open methods interface. If personal gain was excluded from the process and the only discourse was on the action ascribed to a condition, then the expense of maintaining incompetent despots and oligarchies would be unnecessary. I don't see that it is any more complex than a global computer system. I have no idea at the moment what mechanism and method would be reasonable, but systems based on the big bonk theory of governing by force can hardly be the best that could be done. It relates to genetics, health, and well being and utility. I hear much rhetoric from every person who aspires to power and yet I observe no understanding of cause and effect. It would seem that wishing is a valid talent to operate a planet.

It would seem that if I am correct and the people who govern lack the scientific skill to apply complex methods, then they become pawns in a larger game. Based on the current state of affairs, I would conclude that they lack even a minimal skill to predict consequences and choose an outcome which is generally beneficial. It would seem that if a nuclear plant operator suggested twiddling stuff to see what happens, he would be fired, but a politician does exactly that with far more dangerous tools. Even with my limited perspective, I can see the action and consequence relationships that exist in public decision, and it is random and destructive. I am sure there is a way to achieve better results than a dart board solution.

It would seem that modeling and adjusting that system would produce more results than PID control of a motor.

It is possible to combine my dimensional analysis techniques with the OpenCV2 in many different ways, including the hinting back and forth between running programs. Using makehuman, sound generation, voice, OCR, blender and InkScape to produce objects which become recognized in an identical way, allow the computer to "know" what produces a result which is associated with a solution. In this process I hope to feedback to a point where the computer "understands" the matrix algebra lesson and can apply it in recursion back to that same point of constructing the understanding.

It would seem to me that if the leaders of the US were actually competent ( and not simply interested in using public money to collect women/men as sex slaves and more money ), they would have dealt with and corrected many of the problems that exist in the world. I suppose it is difficult to modify a nuclear reactor using only a hammer. At least Saudi Arabia is up front about the practice. I could cite a preponderance of example, but I am sure that if one considers it, you would see the pattern in every government on the planet.

As a person who troubleshoots complex systems, it would seem that is possible to make some changes in the process that would produce a more rational outcome. I have no moral perspective on the matter, it just seems that any engine should operate without designed in failure modes. It is true of any organism or system that is inefficient, that it will be replaced. Nature and the universe is a cruel and indifferent regulator.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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