The chain rule of time

This represents the change in one interval, across 20 intervals and shows what it means to integrate with time. By limiting the degree of change, it selects for an object which is in motion and ignores that which does not change in time. In a world of change, it is the thing which changes that is of interest. The same is true of news and the Internet. That which is not new is of little value if it has already been analyzed and combined or rejected. I am experimenting with a circular rest processor that does not maintain state over time, but performs loops of operation and then resets. It would solve some problems with programs that run amok. I assume that is what the mind does so that it never gets into a state which has no recovery. If things get too complex the f2k it switch kicks in and it resets and then you go out for a beer and some onion rings, then start over.

If more dimensions ( cut on RGB for example ) are used to select information, it becomes more clear what degree of relative freedom each part has and thus implies the mechanism and method. Other vector spaces also imply a distortion of the value of information. A person is predisposed to certain color schemes and textures as having meaning. The patterns of a bee, skin, fur, teeth ....


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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