Cookies and tea or Cookies(t)

There are many human operating principles which are vastly outdated. Economic models that come from Machiavelli , religion that comes from pre scientific thought, governing models established in the middle ages and even thousands of years ago. It is assumed that rewarding innovation with wealth is a good principle to increase technology. It is also said that necessity is the mother of invention. It would seem to me that these two old proverbs are at odds with one another. It is also assumed that if you have enough money and power you can purchase answers. It seems to me that this ( the world ) is like a computer running an OS that is a million years out of date.

I was testing a method which used tracking cookies in the inverse like an FFT inverse. Since the information is maintained on a local machine, I have the ability to modify that information in any way that I see fit. I also have the ability to communicate with other computers and gather their cookie information as well as distort the information they receive in specific ways. The universe is computational and every action has its counteraction by its very basic and absolute form.

There is a web site that speaks every word in the dictionary and another that provides reference information on a vast array of topics. There is also Wikipedia and now Wolfram "mind" emulator.

I see many things and one of the oddest is the fact that basic human operating principles have not changed in thousands of years, even though their product is horribly at odds with reality. I don't consider myself a machine, in fact I do not differentiate between myself and protons or electrons. It makes no difference if I draw a line around my head or heart and say this is being or soul. It is a question which needs no answer. If there were credible evidence as to whether my choice would produce some real consequence which is observable, then I might care.


Exactly like everything in the universe, there is an infinite number of transforms that relate to a condition. I can arrive at a point in 3 space and time from an infinite number of vectors and though not all things are possible, the paths are humanly infinite. An interesting thing that has occurred to me is that there are dimensional spaces that operate inside the "quantum probability" matrix of the universe. It is said that each quantum change could create a new reality where each difference combines factorially to create every possible universe. That is certainly incorrect as much as the statement that all things are possible, including the fact that not all things are possible. Sets may not be a subset of themselves recursive and so forth. It relates to my study of the Einstein game and other logical systems as it relates to possibility and certainty. If it were true that there were a multi-verse like membrane which instantiated all possibilities of combination, it would exclude ( and thus define ) a NULL space that was unreachable from any other space. It is just recreational thought and perhaps it describes a fiction mechanism that would be entertaining to produce, but I like science faction(sic) as my sport and amusement. If such a thing could be observed and measured by some convolved means then perhaps I might enjoy extrapolating that information.

I have been contacted by the overlords of the universe and they have hired me to be the neutrino cop for this municipality. The laws are very simple and speed limits are the speed of light. I have been informed that travel faster than c will be met with harsh justice and their generating equipment will be impounded and kept in a black hole for the trial.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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