The dark red queen speaks

As much as I enjoy complex electronic systems, I also enjoy the simplicity and low cost solutions to big questions. No matter may deny the charm of the dark star and no matter ( independent of its desires ) may choose to ignore her beckoning gestures. I could say

Σ.fΛ(x,y,z,t)(for ( a=n;a>0;a-Gt/a2 ){ (G/( d2+a2 ))/t })
or I could just say that the dark star speaks loudly in time and though its voice is nearly lost in the cacophony of motion, it does whisper against the wall of co-moving time.

The ascending princesses of time sing a song that speaks of ages past as well as the time of their lives and birth.

This has to do with a dream that has haunted me for more than a decade. It is an image that is something I understand, but could not place its significance in the grand scheme of things until now. It has to do with expressing things which have no previous name or association. It relates to a second device which still eludes my understanding of its significance. A simple minded cousin has a better view of the queen's antics. It does seem that there is a new type of telescope for matter and like the original form of a curved glass crystal or mirror, it is the first model of a device that tells the story long hidden. It speaks a deep dark secret, literally.

Something is very wrong with the current view of the universe in the large and perhaps this will tell me what the real relationship between the parts is. It does tell me precise distances of stars and galaxies in relationship to each other to as far as they can be seen. It removes the guess of position based on type and luminosity. Major changes are certainly in the works.

There is one dark queen that speaks with a voice so precise that it cannot be mistaken and if she is present in the big room, it is certain proof and the end of cosmic loneliness. The bell tolls the strokes of midnight and at its last chime the day will change.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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