Quantum Physicality

A newly exposed course at MIT is 6.01SC, which starts with Python and goes on to Kirchoff and circuits and leads into 6.021J. It seems to have too much dead space and I may convert the video to a presentation in models and programs that document and emulate the process of discovery. It also serves to deal with the boredom that comes from subjects revisited. Applying techniques learned back upon the information makes new tools for the next excursion. It becomes more like educational entertainment multi-media.

It is stunning to think that I began electronics with relays and tube devices, even before the integrated circuit, constructed computers of CMOS logic and designed with the Intel 4004. The difference between a thousand transistors and billion in a life time of study is a complexity and change that could never have been known any time in history. It does not stop and just continues to spiral upward in complexity and also possibility. Even those numbers by their self are staggering, but add to that the fact that the total number of computers has grown at the same scale as well as the ability to connect those computers and mind, the numbers become more like a trillion times the complexity that was possible only 40 years ago.

The courses at MIT and other universities are an accelerator and the way they are presented and made available is perfect for me. I need to take excursions into matrix math, genetics, cosmology, chemistry, physics, mechanics, programming, AI, neurophysiology, and logic, all at once to make the connections that bind these concepts in a whole. A perfect time of life for a polymath and perhaps the one time when a person might find the infinities on the other side of time itself. If the advance continues, it would be reasonable to assume that in another 40 years it would be another trillion times as complex and this certainly implies a change of how people relate to the universe.

Improvements in the Google chrome browser are impressive and it continues to improve each time that I use it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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