WiFi Brain public access point hacking

It would seem that neurological structure of many species incorporates a type of WiFi for its species. If you observe spiders or birds it can be seen that they interact on a specific signal. It could take any form and it correlates with the most basic single cell conjunction similar to what yeast do for an activity similar to mating ( a and alpha ). I would suspect that this complex would be that specific locus that was responsible for the "sense" of that which completes an external transaction. It is not a survival trait for individual isolated biological entities and can even be a life ending event in the case of black widow spiders.

In the development of a mammal there are many points where altruistic principles apply at the cell level. If it were not for apoptosis, humans would have webbed fingers. The altruistic mechanism acts at many levels. It is not guaranteed that every organism will possess this altruism or that it will function in a specific context.

It would seem to me that advertising, propaganda and many other forms act in such a way as to "hack" the WiFi interface of the human mind. Without any knowledge of what is taking place, it would be easy to assume some external conjunction to explain the missing piece. There is no doubt that the suggestive interface of people is being abused and I would guess that most of the people on this planet have a compromised interface. Much is made of the bot nets that worm their way into Windows computers, but what of the human bot nets that operate at so many different levels. It would seem that as much as any process can be modeled and controlled, this specific method could be approached scientifically through a set of para-metrics and methods. In my experience, propaganda has been used for many different purposes and the methods are not complex. There are many examples of the application of direct neural hacking in the current state of politics power and world finance. The specific methods would not be effective if the person being hacked was aware that such a thing could be done and thus guard against it. Much is made of security in the computer and yet few realize the amount of hacking that is being done on their mind every day, all day long. From mood music to repetition to outright deception, it is a form and art that is practiced by business and government as well as individually.

There is even an open source interface. Cooperation is a useful thing for everybody and perhaps the greatest difference between people is in their inter"face" and not their face.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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