Confluence of method

The application of a methodology has many dimensions. In this drawing I was considering the nature of information in the context of a video presentation, however it echoes across every application. It is a drawing of concepts, which is manipulated by the software which is created by its description. It has to do with Haar-like , finite elements, recognition, stress strain, vectors, matrices, Heaviside, pulse noise, and so much more. In the information are more aspects than just dots. It can be said that a point of information is considered in its context as a vector in relationship to dimensions. Those dimensions need not be spatial coordinates or even associated with some spoken or written concept. The words get in the way and the names become ever less useful. With respect to any point in an image, it can be considered that in time it has a stress applied in many directions. That stress could be along a vector in the relative color space, the acceleration of change, the boundary of fields, and numerous other factorial associations. In a learning interface the methods themselves become vectors.

The intent is to recognize the meaningful aspects of changing data and come to some useful conclusion from its character. If it is data from a star spectrum, changing magnetic fields, sound, heat transfer, wind resistance, harmonic motion, or any of the humanly infinite dimensions of possible measure .... it is still acted upon in the same way and with the same methods if they are crafted for that single purpose of "compatibility" of application.

In the case of the mind it is what can be expressed between people, in the machine it has a wider definition which is mutable.

It has everything to do with transverse relativity, video processing, object recognition, AI, physics, genetics, chemistry, and mechanics. The structures, circuits and molecules that are products become the machine and method. It is a coherent universe and the basic principles and modes of operation are limited in their scope. The combinations are in no way limited except in the same way that I previously described as quantum NULL space. There is resistance to path in those dimensions as well. It could be considered as manifold spaces, matrices , Maxwell transforms, circuits, fields and vector landscapes, but in the end the methods merge in a final harmony with the system it describes.

I find fiction to be more and more dull in its effect. It has no bite of reality, and carries no information. I was watching an episode of "Big Bang" yesterday and it is now impossible for me to reintegrate the parts into the same vector which is presented. There are laugh tracks applied, music, scenes, lighting and order. I see the higher dimensions of the data and it is incoherent. Any image or experience must be considered in context and when fiction is considered in the context of reality it becomes obvious that the vectors point and apply pressure towards some place that I do not wish to go. It would seem that what passes as news itself is a form of fiction intended to act upon the observer and not as a source of data. It is just as easy to extract the hidden variables in the presentations as it would be in any scientific data set. It is a view with ND ( unlimited dimension ) glasses. In the infinitely dimensioned space of its data are patterns that enlighten and inform. It resonates in form, but is so shallow in its surface that it becomes transparent and pointless when measured upon the vectors that lie below the surface.

It is a strange landscape that is implied by the concept of the movie "Matrix" and yet the pointing vector it represents is virtually nothing to the actual object to which it points. I see the matrix and it is not their Matrix, but my own. It cannot be transmitted in 2+t or even 3+t, because it is infinite in form. The words and images just dance about the fires of infinities. I wake up, because Morpheus has me, and Charon will have me soon if I do not act upon the matrix.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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