Dark matter spectrograms

I have been experimenting with FFT and its products as it relates to all types of harmonic and complex signals. As a reference there are some interesting things I learned in the process. SOX General FFT descriptions CAIRO graphics FFT using library FFT3

By implementing the methods it allows me to explore the underlying process and associations. Certainly voice and music is one of those aspects as well as the character of light spectra from stars, atoms, molecules, and its various cousins. There are patterns in everything and the tools can be applied in new ways to old ideas. In this case I am considering the interleaved infinite sets that could be generalized as similar to all integers of the form 2n and 2n+1, being odd and even numbers which have no intersection and would not be considered orthogonal infinities. It seems that infinities have as many different sets as anything. They can be human infinities, as well as true infinities.

The extension that I am investigating is the vector set phase space of a Fourier transform. It combines aspects of FFT and vectors and sets in matrices. The product is similar to the n-dimensional space of images as well as other applications. I can measure an video image element as its position in vector space at time t, dimension red, position x, and amplitude a. This is a dimensional position in the space of an object and allows simple identification of the parts. In the same way, it is possible to create new dimensional spaces and little boxes in those spaces. The boxes may have dimensions of frequency or any other attribute that I can resolve. In those spaces, there is no ambiguity as to the meaning of the sets. They are certain to a reasonable degree, which is not a very scientific term, but just implies that it is good enough for the purpose it is intended. There is no perfect resolution and I have to wonder about the resonant properties of matter and in the infinities, does it ever resolve to coincidence. In the case of an interleaved set of integers it is obvious that it does not intersect, but do physical infinite sets intersect?

It would seem to me that if you start by identifying something that is a potential type of matter ( dark ), that as a consequence, there would be an entire range of secondary effects that proceed from that. If I encounter a new organism, I can use every method at my disposal to characterize that organism. I was looking at the moon and under certain conditions it always looks like an equation to me that solves to the position of the sun. Just with a little geometry ( even in the stone age ), it would seem that anybody at any time could be reasonably sure that the sun was a very very great distance away compared to human motion. Without some calculations it wouldn't be very precise, but the fact that (tree) < (thrown rock) < bird < cloud < moon << sun << star seems fairly obvious to me in a general sense without any ability to do math at all. I would say that a tiger or whale would certainly have a sense of distance based on scale and angles, or they would not be able to hunt. I could even imagine that an Amoeba would have some vague sense of that same fact in its actions. A child certainly learns gravity when they try to walk, as well as distance scale. I do wonder sometimes if words and precise math are antithetic to natural creativity.

In any case there is absolutely no mistaking the speech and its association to meaning. I have looked at some packages that create transcripts from video as well as data bases of spoken words for relative analysis and research. I would think that if I wanted to test whether my algorithms were correct, that I could just snarf streams from YouTube, TV transmissions, microphones, radio, or elsewhere to be certain that the vector phase set FFT matrix in nD space was consistently correct as opposed to purchasing a contrived set of examples. Strange things are inside these answers and I can't describe every strange creature fact that wanders by the window of my mind, but I would suggest that a walkabout in nD space is very interesting and informative. I have never seen any science fiction that rivals the actual strangeness inside these spaces. Fiction is intended to amuse and distract without attention to its actual probability or applicability. That seems odd when the real world products of investigation are often amusing and far more entertaining than the fabricated reality that comes from a simple imagination.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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