The vector key to time

It does seem that all matter resolves to a single set of equations that describe the basic number system of the universe. Like a system of counting numbers, it can be applied in infinite ways and to say that it is completely known because the base principle is known, is hubris to the infinite power. It does give an advantage over not knowing, however.

There was an episode of Dr Who, back when it was Tom Baker playing the role, about the key of time. It is interesting to speculate on the nature of the universe in fiction or dreams.

The biggest problem with fiction is the expression of something that is more fantastic than what is possible with actual existing methods. The combination of technologies allows me to do things that even in my clumsy Monte Carlo way, are more entertaining and in the end useful as well as real. When I was a child with a chemistry set, I used to mix the chemicals at random imagining that I might create Flubber or an invisibility cloak. The difference now is that I can mix things in a sensible way using the tools that I have. I doubt that Flubber is on the menu, but then that is some artist's vision of science as sport, sexual and genetic dominance, as well as self aggrandizement. The fractioning of what barely serves as entertainment does provide some entertainment itself. It can be modeled for characteristics like which instruments are used for which mood push, the sexual interplay, lighting, sets, continuity, and sub voice variance as well as body language. I have really gotten irritated by laugh tracks because it grates on me. Like somebody poking me in the same spot, over and over. I can remember the sequence and it is the very same laugh sequence by the very same person, like the oft reused Wilhelm scream. I was surprised it was used in Star Wars,as I did not know that.

The key of vector time poses as the key to that dark Schwarzschild boundary excursion which most certainly will be some real entertainment. In my gedanken universe there are running themes to the show and perhaps I should create an AI that generates new music every day as the intro so it doesn't grate on me. Each atom and neutron has a voice and the song they sing has more than 2 verses. The mood of a neutron, that sounds like the basis for a new motey gedanken episode.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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