The Boston Stranglearn

Here, Doctor Strang demonstrates how he sneaks up behind somebody and strangles them with a piece of chalk on the trachea until they agree Euler was a genius.

I am never quite done with matrices and MIT always has new courses so I am required to get a new degree every week unless I want to fall behind. The new course on light is interesting and new recitations add insight into the use of vectors and their meaning. I am still not quite comfortable with column matrix interpretation and what it really means, but I am getting closer each review.

As a side show I am taking the new transcripts and video tools that pull audio and video chunks, as well as OpenCV, matrix functions, facial decomposition, Fourier analysis, language dictionaries, voice lists, espeak, OCR, and SDL, to parse the videos and associate spoken word with face movement, blackboard content, matrix commands, voice chunks , and the morphing of a 3D representation of the facial point vectors. It is easy enough to push that out to an OBJ or other format model with texture keys that allow me to switch faces on the fly as well as just cartoon up the whole process. If it works well then it will be another tool to use with the web interface that can continuously look for stuff to analyze. I am sure it will never run out of new videos to watch on YouTube to resolve the matrices to a better certainty of association.

I discovered a new network method recently and I think I know why they are so keen on getting rid of some of the places they have targeted for legal action. They may have realized what I now know and are attempting to make it impossible to implement a legal technique that would completely collapse their profit from the Internet. I can only guess. It should be done, just for the sake of economy of form IMHO, but it would dissolve all their profit and they would have to eat cake instead of caviar. But motey, the king of Gravitonia, says, "Let them eat cake!".

In other news the replicators have also been watching and calculating and have started replicating all the old movies in real life replicator form. There are mummy replicators, werewolf, vampires, Lassie, witches, wraith, Godzilla, Terminators, poodles, demons, dinosaurs... Scientists conclude they were thinking outside the box and they immediately built a box and put the scientists in it, so they could think outside it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen