The Real Stargate

I thought it might be interesting if a real (fake) stargate operated like the time travel in Terminator. That would sure spice up the series if they arrived naked, without any mechanical objects. When you consider the premise of Terminator from a physics and chemistry point of view, how would a collection of iron atoms have a different character than a collection of iron atoms in hemoglobin. In this image I am using a continuously variable Perlin noise with OBJ models as well as masking and lighting. I am doing several effects simultaneously in this test scene that includes particle disintegration at the water surface boundary, smoke, fog on water, breaking like glass and surface deforms similar to a rubber membrane. The math is my interest and the images and videos generated with noises just serves to keep me from being bored. I would think that if I did a series it would just have a URL bar at the top of the gate with a standardized protocol address that was a set of Cartesian coordinates with comoving time that were normalized to the size of the known universe and so if it was found to be larger it wouldn't cause an addressing problem. [0.01238][0.01][0.0001][0.0]

There are far more interesting things than Hollywood dreams up, in fact when compared to what I imagine any given day, it is very dull, considering that what I am dealing with is the reality of implementing advanced science. I discover a dozen new things every day and all of them are far more interesting than any movie I have ever seen.

What looks like tile around the gate is just a standard gimp fill texture, the star is from Inkscape SVG, the obj model is from makehuman and depth culling does the rest.

ADDED: My latest personal episode is replicators ( original concept predates even Asimov ) that take over the Goold ( probably Puppetmasters? , demon possession Middle Ages ) and replicate their racial memory concept in replicator silicon. As a result there are replicators that are goold which infect replicated humans. Then the goold replicators create a virus that , then it gets complicated..... Of course the replicators can only be killed with a pump shotgun and nothing else because they are made of infinitely compressed matter from a (darker than black) hole.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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