Land sharks and bit hacking matrices

Bit hacking is a good course at MIT for people who like to consider the underlying algorithms of computation. It does have relationship to matrices also and even light and matter. The deBruijn sequence was new information.

An interesting thought occurred to me while looking at sharks and specifically the great white. Since sharks do not have bones, and only cartilage, they leave no evolutionary trace except their teeth. What occurred to me is that a land animal could evolve from that branch before teeth evolved and if they lived on land, they would leave no fossil trace and if they were discovered, they would not be recognized as a creature. Though this one hidden creature which could have existed, there are other possible evolved entities that would never be discovered by archeology. In the infinite space that is the NULL space of experience, are many different possibilities. The assumption that what is known represents that which can be known, by observation only, would be incorrect.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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