Who is watching whom , when

The camera image right is camera three watching camera two look at camera one in closeup microscope mode. I must warn the nanomachines that their work may be monitored for quality control purposes. Perhaps I should contact ICANN and buy the TLD (top level domain) ".confusion".

That made me think of something. If quantum entanglement is valid, then perhaps being watched changes a state that can be measured by the observed? I have thought about an alien race that had quantum entanglement security monitors and in fact, spiders have something similar that allows them a 3D view of the world through their hairs and I suspect that more bizarre methods exist in the infinitely variable structures that nature produces.

An interesting thing about JPEG is that it is lossy and quite often degrades images that begin clear. It is convenient to use USB with JPEG data protocol for speed, but for my own purposes, I would rather have the exact RGB content without a matrix transform. I suppose that is why I have heard the saying "Choosy perverts, choose GIF".

This isn't the depths of my recursive video adventure and I will delve deeper into a new aspect that occurred to me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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