Three dimensional scene graph

I am using FTGL texture fonts for floating text and raster fonts for single scale interfaces. The OpenGL pick mode described earlier allows me to move deep into the levels more easily.

I find that a two dimensional graph of process and connections is very limiting. The connectivity is not clear and much like schematics that attempt to show connectivity in a plane , when it is a 3D world, it suffers from the dimensional compression. It is absolutely necessary to have a 3D relationship of parts to be able to program genetic systems. They are parallel and multiply interconnected. In this case I am doing a model scene graph that is my own program and how the internal methods are connected. In a manner similar to Doxygen, I extract structures and variables and functions and associate icons and names to allow the program to be navigated as it runs and modify how it operates and is interconnected. I already have variable pages that allow me to change variables on the fly to see their effect and many new things have been discovered, because it is impossible to imagine what product will come from so many factorial combinations.

I have a video record module extracted from ffmpeg and can generate video sequences. That will be the next step and perhaps I will put videos up on YouTube instead of here on the blog as it is designed for that. The primary goal and demonstration will be the three dimensional scene graph of a biological system with the connections between expressed genes, DNA, physics, EMF, mechanical structures, chemistry, ballistics and the ultimate product system. I do not find it informative to deal with long strings of symbolically identified proteins or DNA. The function and interaction of the parts is what is critical and names are not important at all. It is the causal sequence and physics that determines the resultant existential physical product. It is memory, program, machine and manufacturing all in one and 2 dimensions does not allow me to navigate the pathways. The interconnection of interdependent parts is what really defines the whole. It appears that this will work as a method to walk the invisible spiral staircase of living systems.

Though a 3D in T example as video may give a better indicator of how it operates, the program itself is the real gem. It is not 3D or 4D, but virtually infinite in its factorial flexibility. I can repeat precisely or range wildly into the unknown. A kind of dream machine in silicon designed to create a dream machine in carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen..... A strange future is just femto-seconds away.

I see that MIT may have created a Fast Fast Fourier Transform, and by accident, I may have done them one better. I will have to check it out and see who is faster. Somebody else did multi-cellular from yeast, and I would assume that multi-cellular transition was preceded a billion years of indirect cellular cooperating systems. It would make sense that most of the mechanisms would be in place before the first "true" organism. Even so, the design is weak in the fact that it is Ad Hoc and created at random. I suspect that I can make many design improvements besides the mitochondrial OS.

Here on Earth we have the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, and in space the sun has its own natural ion cannons, but it has very poor directional control and it were not so, I would suspect intelligence had developed inside a fusion plasma.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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