Don't confuse me with facts

I am trying out the new ffplay from git ( ffmpeg libraries ) and after doing what I compulsively do, which is make -Werror -Wall and fix the bumps, tested it. It has some neat new features, or things I haven't seen before. The image is the "w" option 2 for waves and I assume it is a one dimensional FFT of the audio. It has to be linked against the new libraries, and it runs fine with my machine. There are so many talented people working in open source.

I see that militarization of space is ended now by presidential order. Wait, isn't the Earth in space, or was my grade school teacher lying to me. I was wondering why the city would plant trees on the parking then pour sidewalks that will be ripped to pieces by the roots of the trees. I enjoy the trees, but isn't it like creating road work for yourself and destroying infrastructure, when you plant a tree by a road? I suppose it keeps people busy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen