Invisible underworld

I am just testing the invisible underworld of data that exists everywhere. I am stunned at what gets moved about in the course of some innocuous seeming event. I just want to see if what I suspect happens and the only way to be sure is just try it.

Okay, test complete. Google is smarter than the average electron. I was stunned at how much EXIF data is sloshed about and how difficult it is to dispose of erroneous junk that collects like lint on every file until it is a giant lint ball of mostly useless information. The image was created from an image that I modified the EXIF data in , and as it traveled from edit to edit, it retained the copyright of Isaac Newton , even when the file data was erased and replaced. I understand what is happening, but obviously people who have political careers do not. I am sure that no politician can effectively legislate in technology without a firm grasp of what is possible and its consequence. In other words it should not be done. It is like asking people to remove a specific gene from their genome until it is adjudicated because it is subject to a copyright claim. I can't even guess what the consequence of arbitrary enforcement of something like SOPA, but I would guess that at the time of adoption, every single person on the planet that owns an electronic device will be a criminal and subject to every draconian measure that is associated. It is a dream position to be in for a dictator or oligarchy, as everybody is subject to arrest and confiscation at any time, at the whim of the state. Perhaps they are not really that stupid and this is their real intent and this is just one of many ways to compress people to their will.

I spoke too soon. If I select the image and download it from there, it contains the "Profile Copyright" of "Isaac Newton 2012". I see that beyond the arbitrary lint collection , everything can be a program, if it passes through a computer. It is the fact that matter itself is computational in form and structure. I am sure that almost everybody would wonder how on Earth it is possible to have the viewing of a picture execute a sequence of instructions. The problem is that a specific set of complex methods are used and they are executed in the context of the data. Bizarre and complex beyond any certainty of effect. I understand many very complex things, but this is complex beyond anybody's understanding.

Another problem with EXIF data is that it is just garbage once it has been through editors and converters. Since there is no standard as to how to handle EXIF, it just hangs about as vestigial data forever. It also accumulates errors that have nothing to do with its intent. One example is utf8. Since the character encoding was defined or rather not defined at all, it may contain any type of character intended for any purpose which has long since become obsolete or ignored. I am sure that people who take photographs love the data that they incorporate, but after it has been edited, it is all meaningless. I think I will make a program that scans my entire drive systems and removes EXIF data. It cannot be valid and just wastes disk space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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