Shadow Matrix Zombies

I have always assumed that all the VR and games were nothing more than dis-amusement. It is very odd how matrices interact with a concept of reality. Euler, Fibonacci, Fermat and all the early geniuses had no way to pass on their perspective of the world. It is fairly obvious to me that it is possible to emulate that perspective in a matrix transform. Admittedly very complex, and yet still a transform of sorts. As I delve deeper into what defines the universe and how it is navigated, it is a fact that understanding is always an incomplete transform, and yet the level of the matrix allows the lower matrices to be seen in a new and perhaps more realistic "light" .

It is obvious that the images that I post are fuzzy caricatures of what I see here. Perhaps I can do something very sneaky and execute a reverse JPEG matrix transform on my images before they enter the Google blogger matrix (chuckle).

Strange days indeed, but it is only one of the many strange toll booths on the way to infinity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen